Three Artists, Two Continents

A space for creative musings from Leona Jones, Misha Penton & Caitlin Rowley


These musings will travel some distance. If a carrier pigeon was let loose by Caitlin in Gravesend, presuming it followed the same route as a crow, it would have to travel 4,877 miles to reach Misha in Houston. If Misha then sent it off again in the direction of Leona in Cardiff, that would mean another flight of 4,734 miles. From Leona back to Caitlin would be a mere hop at 153 miles. That’s 9,764 miles crow-distance between all three. The pigeon would also suffer jet lag as during BST there’s a 6 hour time difference between Texas and Britain.

Caitlin, Misha and Leona have only met fleetingly once in the same place as a trio, meeting  slightly more often as duos. However, the duos and that trio discovered more overlapping interests and ways of working than distances.  Thankfully the internet means they don’t have to employ carrier pigeons in order to share ideas.

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