Dawn chorus & rain

This feels… well, a little cheesy and obvious perhaps… but thinking about the theme of geographic dispersal we started out with, I began to think that perhaps it’s a relevant addition. Having been quite suddenly returned to where I came from (Sydney, Australia), I am confronted on all sides with sounds that just aren’t a part of my normal life any more. And one of the few compensations of the horrific jetlag that always accompanies the ghastly 24-hour sleepless flight here is the chance to hear the birds’ dawn chorus without having to set an alarm to specifically wake myself up for it. So I appropriated my father’s Zoom H4N recorder and snuck out at 5.15 one morning soon after I got here to record the birds…

Heavy rain is also a rarity in my UK soundscape, so I also grabbed the chance to capture a downpour, recorded at my desk, which has a glass roof to it:

3 thoughts on “Dawn chorus & rain

  1. No, definitely not cheesy, Caitlin. It’s amazing how different it is from a UK dawn chorus. And Wales is renowned for being rainy, but the rainfall deluge is making me think we don’t have it so bad after all – love the little singing sounds of drains (?) gutters (?). Thanks for the posts!

  2. LOVE THIS! The birds are killin’ it! Love the deluge, too. I love thunderstorms. I’m in Florida right now and I drove through one of the notorious ‘pop ups’ this afternoon!

  3. Heh. When we actually do get rain, we REALLY get rain 🙂 Also my parents’ neighbourhood seems to have gained a peacock in the last month. Not sure if it’s joined the dawn chorus though as I’ve slept through every single one since I got back here!

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