Three Artists, Two Continents

A few words about Trio from the artists…

I think of this project as a place for three geographically far-flung artists to assemble and muse upon bits and pieces of music, media, and art from their creative processes… it’s an uncensored space to experiment, collaborate, collect and develop creative ideas…  — Misha

I see this project – this site – as a space for the accumulation, juxtaposition and discussion of fragments of ideas. Some things may be made, others found. New concepts may result, remixes of content, development of fragments into larger works – or this may remain simply a collection of experiments (but I don’t think it will!) — Caitlin

For me, this is about points – of view, locations, moments, thoughts…  Three points can make a straight line, a triangle, define a circle, orbit around each other, combine – and probably much more.  Time will allow all to happen.  The point at the moment is to have fun and play – Leona