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Leona Jones is an inter-disciplinary practitioner whose approach centres on exploring how writing and language interact with other art forms.  Considering Sound as a wide-roaming noun and verb she creates site-responsive installations and performances from voice, text, field and other audio recordings.  Collaboration is a foundation of her practice, and she regularly works with musicians and other artists, as well as inviting audiences and passers-by to contribute to the works, relishing porous boundaries between instigator/witnesser/performer.  She actively considers the subtleties of power always present in any act of thinking and making, and her work always emerges from the sonic in order to challenge our current sense-heirarchical visual-centric culture.

Leona gained a Masters in Performance Writing from Dartington/Falmouth University, UK, and her work has been supported by Arts Council England, Arts Council Wales, and Wales Arts International.

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